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Shisha Lounge Planning Approval

The building is based in Nottingham’s city centre and is part of a unit of two storey red brick buildings built in the 20th century. The ground floor had previously served as a retail space with the first floor containing office spaces, storage and toilets- it is now currently vacant.

The proposed alteration will remove the existing single floor construction to the rear to create an opening used to serve as an outdoor space. The open space will contain a large balcony used by the first floor that doubles up as sheltered outdoor space for the ground floor. The A1 retail use is to become A3 /A5 restaurant and takeaway with ancillary ‘Shisha’ use (suis generis).

The main entrance to the building lies on Lower Parliament Street with the rear exit routes also leading to the same street through an alleyway at the side of the building. The proposed name of the shisha bar is to be ‘Saracens Lounge’.


Approval notice.

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