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HMO Plans in Manchester

HMO and Flat Conversion in Manchester

Manchester is a vibrant and diverse city, with a range of people inhabiting the great city from different cultures, religions, generations, and backgrounds. Finding a home here can be challenging as everyone has different needs and budgets. The new build high-rise flats may not suit everyone, but a flat may be exactly what come people need. HAD & Co can help with plans to convert an existing building into flats or Houses of Multiple Occupation, better known as a HMO.

Existing dwelling houses can be converted into a HMO with little changes externally and minimal non-structural works internally to allow for the maximum occupation and investment whilst following the minimum space guidelines set out by Manchester City Council and the government.

Some commercial buildings may also lend themselves to flat conversions or HMOs and we can make sure we can produce a maximum scheme using clever architectural planning design and our experience of previous HMO conversions completed throughout the UK. With so many vacant buildings around Manchester and Greater Manchester and an ever-growing population, a HMO or a flat conversion would be an ideal development suited for Manchester that HAD & Co can offer their expertise and planning knowledge with.

HAD & Co design HMO and flat conversions with the end user in mind. Following all minimum room space guidelines. We ensure that the proposed spaces are usable and more importantly comfortable; this in turn makes the new flat, bedsit or HMO room easier to sell and rent for the building owner whilst also keeping the residents happy.

As property consultants, HAD & Co can also help with HMO licencing applications to make the whole process as easy as possible, so you can relax and continue with your life knowing you are in capable hands.

HMO and Flat conversion in Manchester

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